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Through the eyes of homeless children! - Photography
In short...
This story dates back to my time in Hawaii. A time when the homeless were not at today's levels. I was involved in a very special unique project helping homeless children
learn a skill of how to take pictures. This project was backed by Ilford Film. Keaka in this picture was a twelve years old and homeless. We spent three months together. Professional Photographers provided their camera gear time and Ilford Film provided the film and printing paper. At the end of project, a event showcased the children's photography.

My role and responsibility was to guide and teach. Show Keaka a way to use his innate artistic talent. Photography can be taught but there needs to be an innate ability and creative vision. A sense, a passion to create. You also need to listen to your intuition. We did many photo shoot in the three months. I was able to arrange with the publisher I shot construction photography for to include a couple of Keaka's photos in the Construction magazine.

Keaka leaned how to shape his skill and saw how he could earn a living using his creative talents with a camera. He had an eye for details and his environment. We were a perfect match.

In my interview with the Star Bulletin, I mentioned that I wished someone would have tapped me on my shoulder and showed me a way to use my innate creative talent at twelve. I was lost and confused at that early age. No one saw my abilities or interest in photography.

Thanks to companies like Ilford, Hawaii Chamber of Commerce and homeless authorities at that time. They all stepped up and did something of tremendous value.

This very special project was one of the high lights of my career.
I don't know where Keaka is today.

I hope what we did provide Keaka a path to follow.
Would I do this again, absolutely.

Go create and follow your innate creative abilities you have!

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